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Journey to a Secure and Smart World

With mobile and digital services dominating the global landscape, the world has never been more connected.

ADERA innovates business processes and customer experiences, focusing on securing data and creating frictionless omnichannel authentication services.

Our Core


With Artificial Intelligence (AI), automate your KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes, reducing the need for tokens, PINs and passwords.

Whether in financial, government, retail, health, telecommunications or public sectors, ADERA enables you to provide 24/7 convenient and personalized services through data analytics and secured enrolment, authentication to transaction.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions all over the world are undergoing massive transformation - from retail branches, digitalization to omni-channel services; all while seeking ways to ensure privacy and guaranteed security of data exchanges. Trust is our algorithm. From digital identification, payment solutions, automation, secured data handling to crypto vault services, ADERA stands on a foundation of trust forged over 30 years, constantly innovating smart solutions by anticipating businesses and end consumers’ needs.


Severe breaches in healthcare could risk lives. ADERA solutions help to protect identities and ensure confidential information remains controlled with our secured inbound and outbound data handling expertise.

Enhance overall physical and data security with biometric access control systems, control visibility of information, reduce clerical errors and strengthen overall infrastructure.


Travelling can be a breeze with ADERA’s AI powered Digital ID technology. With our face recognition technology, securely automate verification of passengers with their ID photo. With just a scan of the face or iris, reduce queues without sacrificing security, ensuring seamless and safe travels. 


Educators require a robust infrastructure to connect students, parents, teachers and facility. Powered by AI, integrate the ADERA’s smart school platform to existing security systems for complete surveillance and connect students through an all-in-one app: ID, administrative matters, classes/activities and payments all on a single platform.

Social Security

Government services are a given in urban cities but inaccessible to the rural population, leaving them vulnerable without basic services such as healthcare, public and banking services.

Connect to your customers across thousands of miles, in real time. ADERA provides frictionless and secure digital services, combat KYC operations and the lack of documents while lowers overall OPEX in your operations, with a centralized Digital ID system and automated digital branches.


Preferred by Singapore’s leading telecommunications agencies, ADERA helps Singapore’s leading telecommunications agencies process data into secured digital and print output. With self-service kiosks/tablets, enhance your customer’s experience with secured biometric verification and automating form processes required at a telecommunications branch.


From enrolment, authentication, transaction to public safety, manage it all on a single, secured online digital platform. ADERA Global offers AI-Powered Authentication services, from national security, government facility access control, to creating an automated hub for citizens to seamlessly access public services.


Lengthy insurance processes can be troublesome and frustrating for customers. Guided by ADERA’s expertise in handling confidential insurance data and information, insurers can help their customers breeze through claims and applications with our automated data collection and form fillers.


Retail is no longer just about purchases, new-age consumers demand innovative real-time experiences. Create VIP experiences with real-time identification. Connect customers’ portfolio to our e-wallet system to enable convenient cashless payments and personalized recommendations.

With our Supply Chain financing platform, improve your workflow by digitizing and streamlining your invoice processing while accessing more working capital options.

Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence as our core competence, our biometric technology is secured, fast and scalable to any project size. From apps, access controls, transactions and platforms, ADERA offers the complete SDK/API for integration or upgrading of existing systems.


With rapid digital disruption and innovations, consumers expect seamless and intuitive experiences across all platforms and devices. Through AI-powered biometric technology, ADERA Global provides banks and organizations with an option to deploy Virtual Teller Machines and other self-service kiosks. With our Remote Terminal Management System, monitor all kiosks on a central platform, simplifying management and maintenance of the kiosks.

Digital Payments

With ADERA’s complete suite of mobile-based cashless payment solutions, businesses not only enjoy labour and time savings – transactional data creates potential for greater sales with various digital channels. With a closed-loop mobile wallet with QR and face recognition payments enabled, increase convenience by going cashless and provide innovative, personalized customer service.

Secured Data Handling

With more than 20 years of experience in Secured Data Handling (SDH), ADERA SDH group of companies through Datapost Pte Ltd, Novation Solutions Limited (HK) and JK TruData Solutions Pte Ltd firmly established ourselves as the market leader providing “Inbound and Outbound” outsourcing services to Banks, Financial Institutions, Healthcare Institutions, Corporations and Government Bodies.

As the world progresses towards a paperless society, besides our e-documentation services of digitizing documents, Data processing and automated fulfilment, ADERA also supports the e-invoicing delivery standard – PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online), enabling businesses to access new financing options, improve efficiency with faster payment cycles.


Through our subsidiary Nufin Data, we offer businesses with a secure cloud-based ecosystem that automates companies’ internal financial operations through digitization and connectivity. Our cloud solution not only focuses on the productivity and efficiency of internal operations, it also gives more options in financing and cash flow management; helping banks to strengthen customer relationships with value chain financing options, reducing number of relationship managers and better evaluate risks.

Digital ID

With ADERA’s Proprietary Central Biometric Platform, onboarding of customers become more efficient and reliable as information contributed through any channel is stored centrally. With a centralized secured digital database, conduct swift and secure transactions for any applications, online or offline, across industries.

Smart Cards

As a global leading player in Smart Card manufacturing, ADERA takes pride in ensuring end-to-end quality and integrity in our Smart Card production. As we strive to constantly innovate in the digital world, ADERA combines innovation and security, simplifying lives and giving a peace of mind with e-bank cards and biometric-authenticated Key & Data Management.

Data Analytics

Information is power. With ADERA, consolidate all workflows and communication on a singular platform, keeping information and customer’s portfolio up to date, allowing businesses to make the right decision through this data and personalizing services through understanding individual’s transactional data.

Crypto Vault

To address the lack of certifiable, auditable and reliable third-party, institution-grade custody and management of digital assets and private keys, ADERA through our joint venture KeySafeBank Pte Ltd, offers a leading cold storage solution, helping financial institutions, high net-worth investors,  Escrow agents, cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchains, government and regulatory agencies safekeep digital assets and crypto currencies securely.

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