Advancing Intelligence for a data-secure world – ADERA @ Fintech Festival 2019

With increasing reliance and convenience on technology, it is key for organizations and businesses to provide trusted services without compromising on innovation and user experience.

At Fintech Festival 2019, ADERA experiential showcase allowed visitors to experience what a data-secure world can be. Revolving around a secured digital identity, ADERA’s innovations included:

  • Digital Identity enrolment
    With just a selfie, ensure secured enrolment of a digital identity, tying up your personal details, even your portfolio for personalized services upon your walk-in
  • Unified biometric platform
    With a centralized database, manage users efficiently, ensuring no backdated information with a single point of truth. Analyze transactions from different channels to biometric data used
  • Handsfree shopping
    Cashless, cardless, how about phoneless. How great life can be if shopping were so hasslefree
  • VIP lounge
    We show you how we deliver a true VIP experience through personalized services
  • Digital Custodian vault
    Cryptocurrencies are all the rage, but how do we capture opportunities securely? With ADERA’s institutional grade key management system, store your digital assets the truly secure way
  • Bill Aggregator
    Missed bill payments is frustrating, yet a common problem. ADERA’s unified billing solution provides greater efficiency to billers while giving consumers the greatest convenience.

Give your business the competitive advantage of ADERA’s suite of intelligent solutions from biometric authentication, data security and service automation. Having tailored solutions for Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years, ADERA continues to be a globally trusted partner in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

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