During Innovfest Unbound 2019, ADERA demonstrates seamless shopping, intuitive experiences

In Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, ADERA displays its Digital Retail suite with new features such as retail management and AI product recommendations.  

With new technologies and connected devices, the retail sector is definitely seeing drastic changes to shopping such as augmented reality, virtual assistance and smart applications. Yet amidst all the exciting innovation, one thing remains vital to consumers: customer experience. With 87% of consumers beginning their shopping journey through digital means (Salesforce), it is of utmost importance to retailers to engage with their customers from online to physical stores, seamlessly.

With expertise in biometrics and intelligent automation, ADERA has developed a Digital Retail suite of solutions, using AI-powered face recognition and system integration, these technologies were on display at Innovfest Unbound 2019:

  • AI-powered Facial recognition – Independently developed with AI-powered image processing capabilities, ADERA’s facial recognition technology is able to capture and compare images with high accuracy and liveness detection. Using face recognition, not only do you allow secured and instant authentication of transactions, enhance your overall customer experience with personalized reception of customer and targeted services.
  • Digital payments – With digital payments, not only do consumers enjoy the convenience of going cashless, businesses can provide personalized promotional push through the mobile wallet – frictionless and effective omnichannel services.


ADERA Global, formerly known as Jing King Tech Group, is Singapore’s globally trusted leader in data security and automation, working in partnership with banks, businesses and governments for over 35 years to advance the future of a secure world.

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