Reigning supreme in ICT expertise

Business Times, NOV 12, 2018

The Jing King Tech Group sees the Asean Business Awards (ABA) as an important platform to recognise information and com munications technology (ICT) expertise in the region, and to promote high-growth enterprises like itself.

Winning the Priority Integration Sector – ICT award has inspired the company to continue to improve people’s lives through smart technologies and innovation for smart city development, says its group chief executive officer Anthony Ong.

“The ABA alumni sharing and networking will be extremely benefcial to us as we target to expand our footprint in Asean within the next year or two,” he adds.

From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of smart cards, Jing King Tech is now a fntech-driven business offering end-to-end solutions, from digital identity enrolment and authentication with biometric technologies, to secure cashless real-time digital payment solutions.

With over 200 research and development (R&D) employees based in China and Singapore, Jing King Tech innovates, designs and integrates R&D projects in biometrics authentication (digital identities), smart automation, fnancial inclusion and digital payment spaces to disrupt fnancial, public, government, transportation, healthcare and retail services in the Greater China region.

Says Mr Ong: “Moving Jing King Tech’s international headquarters from Hong Kong to Singapore three years ago and starting up a dedicated research arm in Singapore signifes our group’s continued interest in developing our solutions for the artifcial intelligence market in Asean, using Singapore strategically to springboard to Asean and the world.

“I believe the ABA judges recognised our global ambition and strides, and want to highlight exemplary models of Asean-based ICT companies which have successfully transformed from analogue to digital.”

With more than 20 years of experience in handling secured data, Jing King Tech leverages its capability in biometric technology such as fngerprint, facial and iris recognition to build a complete solution for digital identifcation and its applications. This can be accomplished with its developments in artifcial intelligence to improve efficiency and optimise operating costs for customers in areas such as banking and insurance.

The company is now moving into new sectors like transportation, retail and health tech. Its areas of expertise include: biometric technology and authentication; secure digital identifcation solutions; secured platforms for verifcations and transactions; a digital fntech platform that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to access working capital; digital automation of workflows; and artifcial intelligence via image recognition capabilities.

Says Mr Ong: “The consumers and users today are far more technologically-savvy than a decade ago, and user experience and trust in data handling will be a key concern in the future developments in this space.

“Our knowledge and experience in secure data handling and understanding the signifcance of data privacy govern our product and solution development in the digital space. We will continue to develop our solutions built on trust and securing of personal data.”


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